I fell in love with Estee lauder double wear stay in place foundation the first day i used it..This foundation is matte,I just apply powder on my tzone where i get oily and am good to go.Its long wearing, Stays fresh and natural all day,Doesnt smudge or change colour like some foundation does.Its full coverage on me but light weight,I don’t feel like i have anything on.the shades are dark skin friendly.I can go on and on about it.its my favourite foundation at the moment.if you have dry skin i recommend you moisturize you face well before using this foundation..                                                                                                                                                              Next is the Nars all day luminous weightless has a luminous natural finish,make sure you have your setting or blotting powder handy if you are combination or oily skin cause it gets oily after like 3 to 4hours,it is crucial to shake the foundation before using because the formular is watery and tends to separate in the bottle(shake gently o),its semi matte with luminous natural finish,light weight,medium build-able coverage.make sure to use a good primer before applying the foundation.I got 2 shades Macao,too light and Trinidad the undertone is just not working,they just look like a hot mess on me.I want to like this foundation but the shades won’t let the foundation be grate on me.i love matte but i don’t mind dewy once in a while, thats why i bought this foundation in the first place.I still have one more shade to try before i let go.On my hand i have Nars left and Estee lauder right…leave your comment below and i shall reply.IMG_8428IMG_0523



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