Hey guys!so am back with my new haul and swatches of them.ENJOY                               image   First is the Urbandecay DE-SLICK,oil control makeup setting spray.image I spray this all over my face before applying foundation and after am done with my makeup.Been using Mac fix+  which I love so much,so just wanted to try something else..               imageNext is Gleam by Melanie mills body radiance.On the left is bronze gold,right is rose gold.I mixed this with my foundation then applied on my face,it was just too much, I mean my face was looking like a disco ball while i was still inside the house,and i was wondering how it will look outside.So I took it off,re-applied my foundation,with my beauty blender, took small amount of the gleam and dabbed it on my highest cheek bone,where i normally highlight  and the centre off my works really well as an highlighter and can be used on the body for that all round it.                                                                                                            imageAlso I bought Makeup forever Artist plexi lip glosses in 209 and 402p.This glosses are rich and pigmented.I can definitely use this alone without lipstick.                                                                                                                                                        image Anastasia liquid lipstick.This are the new shadow they just came out with.craft and unicorn.Am loving craft.                                                   image Mac mineralize skin finish soft and gentle.Am obsessed with highlighter,and mac gold deposit is one of my fave.Decide to get soft and gentle for that soft glow.                                                                                                         imageLast is eyekandy glitters,black bart and cherry bomb.I love glitters..


6 Replies to “NEW HAUL”

  1. craft is just like berryme 2 , plus after all the reviews i have seen on the anastasia lippie , im trying to hold myself back lool , plus i can always get the shades with another brand


      1. well then craft is the only anastasia lippie im interested in , might just get berry me 2 instead


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