Hey guys!!I trust your having a good day..So since everybody is doing throwback,i decided to do my own throw back..loll..This is a throwback of my OLD makeup have refused to throw away even that i don’t use them..Enjoy.imageimageimageClinique eyeshadow palette,Tara orekelewa eyeshadow palette,l’oreal eyeshadow palette and Wear infinite pressed eyeshadow quad.Am pretty sure they have been with me for more than 5years..I still love all four of them and use them once in a while..imageMary kay medium coverage foundation 507 & 504..Its funny i still don’t know my exact shade for this foundation..loll,Am i the only one? The shades are too much..Mehnnn i rocked mary kay foundation tho,not minding the oil that starts to pop after like 30minutes..Now i can’t even try to use it.lolimageMary kay lipsticks and glosses..My boo got this lippies for me back then.maybe thats the reason i can’t throw them dirty eye dust and lip glosses.Am sure I only used them once or so.But still love the eye dust.imageHardcandy plexi gloss,NYC smooch proof lip stain and volumizer mascara..This mascara,am sure is up to the hard candy gloss,thick and stays on for a very long time.NYC stain, never used it..imageGold eyeliner.By who?I don’t know.but its a nice liner i can still use..imageLastly is Zaron mattifying powder and milani concealer..The zaron powder has not really been too long it..Is there anything here you used? Leave your comment below.


3 Replies to “THROW BACK”

  1. I use Mary Kay on some of my clients and it’s really good. You should try using it with a good foundation primer and setting spray. The Milani concealer in Honey miel is my fav concealer for cleaning up my brows.


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