Hello beauty lovers!! I want to share with you a product my brow has been loving..image imageAnastasia beverlyhills brow wiz and clear brow gel..When i want to fill my brows,i like to draw lines at the edges of my brow in the shape i want it to be.Then fill within the lines..I have the Anastasia brow pencil which i love but in order to draw the lines i have to sharpen the pencil everyday which to me is wasteful and causes delay when in a hurry..That the reason i got this anastasia brow wiz,its just like mac brow pen,you don’t need to sharpen..So i use the brow wiz to draw the lines and the brow pencil by anastasia to fill in the brows.This brow wiz is not my fave tho,i prefer the mac brow pencil in stud.

brow wiz swatched on my hand.
brow wiz in chocolate swatched on my hand.

imageNext is this beauty..Anastasia clear brow favourite product for this week..It is just like mascara,but this one is a clear gel..You need this if you have eyebrows,whether your brows are full or sparse and it doesnt matter what colour your brows are.This works for everyone..imageAfter filling my brows to my desired shape with a brow pencil,i use the clear brow gel directly on my brow hair,combing in an upward motion.This will help you keep your brow hair in place all day..See me singing “where have you been, all my liiife”in Rihanna’s voice,after i got home the first time i used this gel and my brow was still intact. lol..Its a must have for that brow to be on FLEEK all day guys.And it doesn’t have to be Anastasia,other makeup brands have clear brow gel..Have a lovely weekend y’all..


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