Makeup Forever recently released a set of Primers called Skin Equalizer.They come in 11 different Range,each is meant to address a specific concern related to skin type and tone.They are divided into two sections,Colour Correcting Range which comes in a variety of shades and the Texture Correcting Range.So no matter what your need,there is Β going to be one that works for you..imageAm going to talk about the Makeup Forever Step1 Skin Equalizer in Matiifying Primer from the Texture Correcting Range..imageimageimageIts comes in a Tube with a squeeze nozzle at the end.A little difficult to get the product out of the tube,tho its helps to control the amount of product that comes out….imageThe texture is thick,almost paste like and a little goes a long way.imageimageAccording to Makeup Forever,the Primer has longer staying power,makeup goes on seamlessly and optimizes colour and finish.Sincerely this primer is not bad at all.

I think you can tell from this picture where the primer is applied and where its not..
I think you can tell from this picture where the primer is applied and where its not..

The first thing I noticed is how it covered my Pores,and gaves me a smooth base to work my Foundation on..I have Combination Skin(oily tzone) and this works really well for my skin.My makeup really did stay matte all day,blotting just once..This particular Primer (Mattifying Primer) does nothing in terms of optimizing colour(you can choose from the colour correcting range for that),but the finish is beautiful if you can work well with it..

So here are the issues I have with this Primer.First after applying the Primer,I find it difficult to blend my Foundation.I have to give extra effort to blend my Foundation else my face will look cakey.Another thing is,it dries up almost immediately,you have to apply and blend quickly so it doesn’t leave white patches(not cool).With that being said,it has a pleasant smell which I like and it does exactly what it claims to do..I like this Primer and will definitely repurchase..

I would recommend it for Combination and Oily Skin..My dry skin Beauties can get the Hydrating or Nourishing Primer..Am also eyeing the Radiant Primer in Caramel from the Colour Correcting Range,will like to try that..

Leave your comment below and let me know what your thoughts are.



  1. Maybe it’s me sha , but the two mufe primers i tried really dissapointed me and i even sent a sample to someone and she also felt the same way , then again i dont have oily skin and smashbox seems to be just fine for me


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