What is STROBING? Its simply called Highlighting..The idea of Strobing is to give your skin a luminous,dewy and radiant glow from within.People including myself have been doing this for ages but no name was given to it until now.Its nothing new I must say.I do this everyday except weekends when I have the time to contour and special occasions.So here are the basic products you need for strobing.NOTE-You don’t necessarily need the exact brands you see here.Which ever one you have is ok.Let me know if you need recommendations concerning any products.


  • Liquid illuminator – First thing you need is a liquid or creamy illuminator.You can mix it either with your moisturizer,foundation or use on the high point of you cheek bone,along the temples,down the bridge of your nose.The idea of using this is to give you that glow from within which is what Strobing is all about..Also you don’t need much,just a drop or two is enough.I prefer to mix it with my foundation or moisturizer,to give me that all over glow..


  • Foundation – If you are mixing you illuminator with you moisturizer,the next step is to apply your foundation.But if your mixing with your foundation,after moisturizing your face and using a primer,apply the mixed foundation and illuminator on your face.I prefer a matte or semi matte foundation because I have combination skin,to help control the oil on my face..


  • Highlighter – GHEN GHEN.loll.The love I have for highlighters tho.If you are using a liquid illuminator,I would advice you use a subtle highlighter.Go for a brightening powder or a highlighter with less shimmer will do,so you don’t  look like a disco ball..Apply the highlighter on your cheek bone,below you brow bone,the bridge of your nose and your cupid bow.You can go ahead and complete the rest of your face(eyeshadow,brow etc)..

And that is it Guys.Most of you already have all the product needed for strobing in your stash.I prefer “strobing” because unlike contouring you don’t need much products to achieve a luminous clean look,it’s not as time-consuming as contouring and you don’t need to watch all the strobing videos on YouTube to know how to strobe loll.(I still watch YouTube videos to perfect my contouring skills.its annoying).If you have dry skin avoid any matte product.For oily skin,trust me you need one of the products to be matte (either the primer or foundation).Have a lovely week Guys.Don’t forget to press the “like” button and leave your comments below.



  1. i dont even know if i should be happy or sad , i have always done this and didnt even know it was a thing , now that everyone knows , hopefully they dont ruin it , just like contouring , this isnt for everyone , but i hope people get it sha


    1. i think its for everyone tho..its using the products that works for your skin type that oily skin needs to be really careful so dey don’t look more oily than usual cos its really not oily skin friendly..pple with dry skin to achieve the look don’t need any matte product..I have combination skin,I use a mattifying primer on my tzone area,use a matte foundation so i can achieve a luminous look without looking oily..


  2. Hello..I love your page on IG. I think it will be a great idea to post pictures and videos of yourself before and after you use the products you put on IG. This will really go a long way. Thanks


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