Hello Beauties!!!

Once I love a particular lipstick,I like to have my basic lipstick shades from that brand.My basic shades are nude,red,pink,purple and a dark deep shade..I already have a pink shade(Kelly) and a light purple shade(Dominique).Am not sure I swatched Dominique on the blog,but you can check my Instagram page @all_thinzbeauty,its so easy and quick to post pictures there,lol..So I got Julie(nude) and Annabella(red)..imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

I always want more from this collection whenever I get a new shade..They are creamy,pigmented,smooth,long-lasting and they apply seamlessly on the lip.And I also love the sleek packaging.I love Nars Cosmetics.imageimageimage

This is Julie – Pinkish nude.Beautiful nude.imageimageimage

Annabella – Poppy red.This red is everything..

One more shade to complete my collection,a dark deep shade.They have 40 shades for this collection,it’s so hard to pick..Have a lovely and fun weekend guys.Dont forget to like..



  1. Aren’t they gorgeous?!!! Omg, I love the pink. I should have bought it. I got Anna and Brigitte last weekend and then couldn’t stand it and went back today and got Greta and Natalie. Now I think I want Julie.


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