Hey Guys!!

imageimageUrban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.This eyeshadow primer is bomb.

If you own  Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original you will understand how difficult it is to blend it in order not to have patches or lets say white particles,which can be frustrating and difficult to blend your eyeshadow smoothly.So I was on the internet the other day when this cute one popped up and got my attention,I immediately ordered and after using it for the first time,I got hooked…

imageimageimageI think Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden in this packaging,is exclusive to Sephora,am not sure,but its permanent in a different tube.Eden is yellow-toned,it covers any discolouration on the lid and blends beautifully,there is no white particles whatsoever,its matte and increases the colour vibrancy of eyeshadows…Its will keep your eyeshadow intact without creasing all day long.imageimageimageIt comes with a wand which I love so much and makes it easy to control the amount of the product you need,which is very little.

I love it.I hear a lot of people including myself complain about the particles Urban decay Original leaves behind,this post is for you guys.Its worth trying.

Have a lovely day Beauties..


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