So L.A Girl recently released six new shades of their Pro Conceal HD Concealer,and the corrector shades in Yellow, Green and Orange,quickly got my attention.So I got the Orange shade and oh my,L.A Girl didn’t disappoint at all with this new shades.

imageimageL.A Girl Pro HD Concealer is a well-loved product and definitely one of my favourite concealer.I actually only discovered the wonders of Colour Correcting in the past few months and since then I haven’t done my makeup without Colour Correcting first.You can read all about Colour CorrectionΒ HERE.

imageimageThe consistency is great,creamy,easy to blend (much like the LA Girl concealers), super pigmented and a little goes a long way.The corrector does a great job at hiding dark circles, I simply tap on a little of the corrector to the areas that need correcting and blend until the dark circles disappear.

imageIt spreads so easily,does not move after it sets,and lasts all day. It covers everything I need covered seamlessly.You just have to be careful not to apply too much else it creases. Trust me, I know as it happened to me the first time I used it.

I must say this tho,before trying L.A Girl Orange Concealer, have been using:

Mac Prep + Prime Peach Lustre

The Orange Concealer from Mac Correct and Conceal Palette and

The Orange from Anastasia Contour Palette in dark.

Mac Prep + Prime Peach Lustre is what I use the most,which at this point am satisfied with,because my dark circles are mild and it does a good job at covering them up.

imageFor my skin tone Mac nw43 Β (check HEREΒ for more on my foundation shades) and the fact that my dark circles are mild, I feel LA Girl Orange Concealer is too much for me.I was actually looking for a corrector more pigmented than the Mac Peach Lustre,and L.A Girl Orange Concealer is way more pigmented.But after using it,I decided it was too pigmented for me.so I will stick to my Mac Prep + Prime Peach Lustre..

With that said,I love this product and am very impressed with the quality of this corrector.If you are looking for a good and inexpensive corrector,to cover dark circles,because trust me it does a good job at doing that.I would recommend this product.(please and please a little goes a long way).And if you find it too pigmented,you can just mix little of the corrector and a concealer that is your shade to reduce the intensity, and apply where needed.Its worth giving a try,and for the price($2.50 equivalent to 1500Naira or so)it’s a good deal.

Leave your comment below and let me know if you find this helpful.




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