Hey Georgeous!! I was so anxious to get my hands on this when it launched.Am not really a fan of blotting sheets because of how messy they can be sometimes,so when I saw this,I knew it was a must have for me.This game-changing washable, reusable alternative to blotting papers allows for precise blotting.Unlike a blotting sheets, the Blotterazzi is the perfect shape for the contours of your face. The pointy part makes it easy to blot hard-to-reach areas, like inner corners of eyes and that small space between your brows and nose.The wider part of the sponge is for areas, like your forehead and cheeks.

imageimageimageimageIt stays thirsty when its dry absorbing excess oil without disturbing makeup and leaving skin looking radiant. The chic mirrored compact contains two blotting cushions for beauty touch ups on the go.The Blotterazzi is made of the same pink material just like the original, and two sponges comes in a mirrored compact,with a plastic sheet in-between each sponge to separate both inside the plastic case and a vented back.

imageimageInside the pack,there was a sample size liquid blender cleanser and this like key holder or so..image


I love Blotterazzi sooo much Guys.Its a chic and environmentally friendly alternative to blotting paper.Like what better way to blot than with this cute sponge in a compact and mirror in it..I find them pretty soft & fluffy which also works well on my combination skin.I use it to blot and retouch the areas of my face that needs to (Now I don’t need to carry around a powder brush). Blotterazzi does a good job soaking the excess oil from the face but doesn’t give a matte finish.After blotting my Tzone still looks shiny until I add powder and I think that’s normal.I also love the fact that you get two in a compact,so when you clean one,you have another to use.Its pretty decent,classy and stylish.

I would recommend Blotterazzi for all skin type(dry,combination &oily skin).If you have combination or oily skin,a matte powder will work best to retouch after blotting with this,because Blotterazzi doesn’t keep the oil from coming back but the matte powder will.

If you are in Nigeria,you can preorder this from THEDFSTORE .Outside Nigeria from

Have a productive week Beauties.



  1. Lovely review! Now I want one lol. I also don’t love carrying a normal powder brush about so I was thinking of getting a retractable kabuki, but since this apparently does a good job of applying powder as well as blotting, it’s the obvious choice.


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