This chocolate-scented, shimmer-free, deep/tan matte bronzer is perfect for contouring and creating an all-over deep tan using real antioxidant-rich cocoa powder. It’s all the tan without the twinkle.Its infused with real cocoa powder.This matte bronzer has excellent pigmentation and a delectable scent.The texture is so smooth and silky.The packaging is really cute,it blends smoothly and the quality is nice too. It comes in a round medium gold compact plastic case, with a built-in mirror and Its travel friendly. imageimageI love this bronzer.It give a smooth and gorgeous tan to the face.Its matte and there is no shimmer whatsoever in this.This bronzerΒ has cocoa and smells just like chocolate.Opening it makes me happy.

imageThis dark version of Chocolate Soleil would have been perfect for contoured looks on dark skin if only it was a little darker.Am nw43,and sincerely it didn’t show up on my skin at all.Its just like the shade of my powder,LOL. I was so lucky I took my Cover girl bronzer along with me on my short trip.imageimageI had to park a lot and not blend it,on my hand,just so it shows..I love the soft tan it gave my face tho,but it just wasn’t dark enough to contour my face.So I just added little of my Covergirl bronzer and I was looking all kind of gorgeous.The next day I also used it the same way because I just loved the way both looked on me..The only way this will work perfectly on dark skin,is when it is used to set cream contour.So if you are the type that uses cream contour before powder,then this would be perfect..imageimageI would recommend this Dark chocolate soleil bronzer for people with olive,medium and golden complexion.For deeper skin tone,it won’t show at all,if used alone.There is also a lighter shade of this bronzer for light complexion.

Have a blessed day Beauties..


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