imageimageHey Everyone!!

So I finally caved in and purchased one of the most sought after eyelashes by Huda Kattan from Thebeautyboon (Nigeria only)..I don’t use lashes regularly because I always have a hard time fixing them,but I just had to get this one.The packaging is

imageimageHuda Lashes are made of natural and synthetic fibers, they are cruelty-free lashes,lightweight making them perfect for a super natural look,and all-day comfort. Designed by makeup and beauty Guru Huda Kattan.If you are a makeup and beauty lover and you done know her,then you need to wake up.The lashes come in one of the most beautiful packaging ever.image

In the eye box,you will find this clear box.So you can see the lashes.
In the eye box,you will find this package that has a clear space in front..So you can see the lashes.


Those are Huda’s eyes right on the cover.And inside the main pack,there is another package with a clear front cutout that allows you see the lashes before taking them out.. The lashes are soft and sturdy.These lashes do not have a uniform length, making it look more natural. These can be trimmed on the outer corners to suit the length one may require.This Lashes can be used multiple times, depending on how you care for it.

imageEach lash set comes with instructions on how to apply the lashes.Which says;

1. Remove lashes
2. Wiggle
3. Measure
4. Cut
5. Add glue
6. Place lash
7. Add mascara..GORGEOUS.

This lashes are gorgeous.They aren’t too thick or light,just in-between,which made me love them instantly.Am so happy I got them.This lashes can be used multiple times depending on care.To ensure its longevity, make sure to clean the glue and mascara completely and store it in the container. It’s on the expensive side but for me it’s absolutely worth it.

TGIF..Have fun guys



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