imageI first heard about La Femme blushes from THEDFSTORE ,when I asked her for recommendation on really good blushes,she told me to try La Femme blushes,but I didn’t pay attention at all to them.I went on to get blushes from Tarte, Clinique, Mac and TooFaced which I reviewed HERE,and I wasn’t satisfied with them except for the Milani.I went back to her and asked again for good blushes,and she said La femme,I was like”what is it with you and Lafemme tho”.So I decided to give it a try, and OMG,why am I just getting this?

imageLa Femme Blushes come in matte, shimmer, pearlized and demi-pearlized.They have close to 50 shades or more and with such wide range of shades, there is something to suit every skin tone.Choosing the colours that I wanted from an astounding selection of colours and finishes,was a big problem for me They are just too many of them.

imageThe pan size is 1.45 inch or 36.83 mm. You can buy these blushes in a case or in just a pan. I prefer just pans since I depot everything anyway and put it in a palette. Refill pans are more interesting because you can create your own palette with them.

imageThey are creamy, soft, super pigmented, easy to blend, and last all day on me.These awesome blushes requires the use of a light hand or the end result might be a little over the top.My only issue with some of these blushes is since they are very soft,you can get a lot of fall out from the pan when you are applying it, which obviously can be messy,so you need a gentle hand with them.I got 4 shades and choosing from 50 shades wasn’t an easy job. GOLDEN SUNSET,RUSSET,PEACH AND DUSTY ROSE..


imageGolden Sunset – This one is in the rose family and has a gold undertone.(shimmer)


imageRusset – A deep reddish-orange that looks stunning on deeper brown shades.(shimmer)


imagePeach – Is a gorgeous soft peach shade with a matte finish.


imageDusty Rose – A muted rose with brown/peach undertone.(shimmer)

imageimageimageI bought the blushes as individual pans, which are magnetic and just fit perfectly into the palette. The palette itself is a four wall palette from BenNye (there is also 8 and 12 wall palette),and has little holes in the back so you can use a pin to push the pans out, to avoid breaking the blushes when prying them out.

I have used blushes from Nars, Mac, Tarte, TooFaced, Milani, ELF, etc. and these are definitely the best quality blushes you can possibly get for the given price range.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with these blushes. I love their range of colours too.The colours show up beautifully on women of colour and a little bit goes a long way.  All blush lovers should certainly try these.They are an absolute steal, And the quality of these blushes are amazing.All the blushes are extremely pigmented so one has to proceed with caution and use a very light hand to avoid putting too much colour on the cheeks.

You can get from HERE..



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