UPDATE – Added pictures,swatches and dupes of Riviera.. Enjoy..imageimageimageANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS ILLUMINATOR. $28 (

FINALLY its hereee!!! Ohhh I feel like I’ve been waiting foreverrrr! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators have been popping up on my Instagram feed since it launched and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on them. So you can imagine my excitement  when this beauties finally landed on my doorstep yesterday evening.I was jumping for joy..

imageimageOh lord!! This is so pretty..They come in a shiny black plastic compact with a product sticker on the back that makes it easy to identify which colour is inside and a full size mirror. The design of the product inside is just too gorgeous that I almost didn’t want to swatch,cause I didn’t want to ruin it.. it’s just stunning guys..


I ordered So Hollywood and Peach Nectar from HERE and Rivera from BEAUTYREVNG..These are gorgeous! The formula and texture is beautiful.It’s soft, super pigmented and creamy and the design in the pan is not just stunning, but it was designed so that you get more colour payoff without having to use too much product,a brush picks it up beautifully too,applying just the right amount of product to the cheekbones.

According to Anastasia this illuminators are “Like a filter for your complexion, this brush-on highlighter contains a mosaic of brightening powders that impart a lit-from-within glow. The mirrored compact makes on-the-go touchups easy and fail-safe”.


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageSo Hollywood  is described as a True Gold.. This shade is lifeee.. I love Gold highlighters and this got my attention the moment I saw it..Its so gorgeous and this will work on any skin tone..Its super pigmented,fine in texture,has that creamy feeling and a little goes a long way..its just stunning.Need I say more about this shade!! Pictures don’t lie.. imageimageSo Hollywood swatched next to Becca Opal,Laura Geller Glided Honey and MUFE Pro sculpting Duo.They look similar but are truly different. So Hollywood is really a pure gold compared to the other gold highlighters here..


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimagePeach Nectar is described as an Apricot Gold..It’s really gorgeous, it’s so velvety smooth, its like a slippery powder that almost feels wet but it isn’t. It’s really really gorgeous. Peachy highlighters are definitely my favourite.They show amazingly on my (nw43) skin tone when applied softly,without showing any colour whatsoeverimageimagePeach Nectar swatched this next to Becca Rose Gold and Gerard Lucy..They are quite similar colours. Rose gold has a lot of that colour pigment to if you have really pale or really dark skin I think it would show that colour on your skin and not just look like a highlight.Lucy is also a peachy shade,but doesn’t leave any colour whatsoever on my face..Peach Nectar on the other hand is packed full of that Peach colour also but still is a highlight and not something that would leave a colour stripe on your face.


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageRiviera is described as a rose gold.Riviera is pigmented,the texture is velvety smooth, soft, and finely-milled.Blends beautifully on the skin and will definitely work on all skin tone.

imageimageimageRiviera swatched next to Mac Sweetheat and Laura geller Ballerina.. Didn’t realize until now that Ballerina was on the peachy side.Its totally different from Riviera..Mac sweetheat is a dupe for Riviera,sweetheat is just more intense.Both are gorgeous.Riviera doesn’t leave any colour on the skin,just gives a gorgeous glow..

imageimageimageOverall,the packaging is my least favourite,but the product in it and the price makes it less of an issue for me..So Hollywood,Peach Nectar and Riviera are very similar in texture, that creamy powder feeling, when you touch,you barely need to press into it at all, the softest touch gets heaps of product on your finger..Its just awesome and if you are about that GLOW LIFE,you really should check them out.And if you have gotten yours,let me know your thoughts.

Enjoy you holiday beauties…


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