When it comes to primers, Smashbox Cosmetics know more than a thing or two about prepping the skin to make sure we have a beautiful canvas to apply our foundation.So when they came out with this new and interesting facial mist in Spring 2015,it got my attention.

imageimageThis is packaged in a plastic spray bottle that produces a fine mist when the sprayer top is pressed and it’s quite hygienic.

Smashbox marketed this primer water as more than just a facial mist.According to Smashbox,its

“Silicone-free. Alcohol-free. Oil-free.Creates the sheerest canvas for makeup application.Wakes up skin, leaving it vibrant and radiant for hours.Restores moisture and hydrates skin for hours – shine free! Refreshes throughout the day.Perfect for all skin types.”

I had such high hopes when I heard it did all of these things.If like me your skin needs a bit of a jump-start in the morning, then a quick spritz of this primer water will indeed wake your skin up. It instantly freshens up your skin and gives your skin a hint of radiance,but nothing that you would notice that much,so thumbs up there.

imageIn terms of it being used as an actual primer,PLEASE DONT SKIP YOUR PRIMER FOR THIS.. Also I didn’t noticed anything different in the smoothness of my pores.

The formula claims to restore moisture and hydrate the skin and it is hydrating to some extent.I tried it after skin care as a prep for makeup,it was a little hydrating and truly added moisture to my face. But I didn’t feel this formula was hydrating but rather mattifying on me after makeup.I just felt my face looked flat when I used it as a setting spray, because I could feel the tightness on my face..I have combination skin and it seems to absorb access oil on my face,which would have been ok if I had oily skin,but the dry part of my face just felt flat. For me, it works best as a pre-makeup step..If you have oily skin you might like it as an excellent setting spray for your makeup as it does seem to absorb excess oil creating a semi-matte finish once it dries down.

Lastly,I didn’t  notice any major extension in the wear of my makeup after setting with this,but at list it lasted more than normal..

imageOverall,it’s an OK product.Nothing out of the ordinary for me,I expected more for the price tho $32.There are similar and less expensive products in the market..If you have oily skin,you probably would enjoy using it.For me,I will definitely empty the bottle but won’t repurchase..

Do you have this and whats your take on it?



  1. I have a sample size of this and am trying it out for the first time today. I think it made for a better base to lay foundation onto. It has a bit of tackiness and I think my foundation adhered better when applying this. So far my makeup has worn really well. I think it’s a good step for those looking for their foundation to wear better over the course of the day and for it to adhere better but that’s about it. It’s not really hydrating or mattifying in my opinion.


  2. I use make up forever setting spray. With my oily and acne prone skin I have no complaints. I got it for $3.99 at marshalls. Hehehe. Such a score. Smashbox does have good products mostly with silicone so for them this must have been a completely new formulation and a lot of work. I think I would like it though because I have oily skin. If you want a misty pick up for mornings try caudalie water beauty elixir . It doesnt fix makeup per say but its nice


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