imageMarc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick.SO ROUGE(240) $30

So Rouge (240) is a true red shade with semi-matte finish and remarkable longevity.. Its a limited edition available to Sephora VIB Rouge only. It came in a glossy red casing that is rectangular with curved edges. There is a button that is there just as design,as the packaging is actually magnetic. The magnets actually click into place and are strong enough to take with me on the go which is important,cause you don’t want it to ruin your purse and you know how much this cost.LOL. My only issue with the packaging is the inability to store these in my lipstick storage as I usually like, because of the rounded edges and and the silver button require additional space.

imageimageSo Rouge(240) is ” A rich, velvet, ultra hydrating lipstick that delivers dramatic, vivid pigment and 10 hours of luxurious wear”.. It is highly pigmented, has a demo-matte finish with 10 hours wear and provide opaque coverage in one swipe. No pulling,just smooth, buttery creamy coverage that glides on smoothly. The formula feels comfortable on the lips .. I didn’t find the formula to be drying but I wouldn’t say it was hydrating either,Just really comfortable, which is fine by me.. I didn’t experience any settling into fine lines,which I love about it and it faded evenly..

imageAs regard the “10hours wear”.. No, this lipstick does not last for 10 hours. At best, 6 hours. Which is not an issue for me, because it happens with most if not all lipsticks and this one actually last longer. Thats why I always have the lipstick I have on in my purse for touch up… The colour starts fading after like 6 hours,just make sure to avoid oily food..

imageOverall am a huge fan of red lipsticks and this one is definitely one of my favourite. If the rest shades are the same formula as this,I definitely will be getting more from this brand.. I love it and will rate this 4.5/5..



  1. Pls I love most of ur product amd I love to get them .where is ur shop would like to visit one of dis day tks .still I hear from you cheers


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