I already talked about Colourpop Ultra matte liquid Lipstick HERE.. So I just got four new shades,two from the new Limited Edition Fall 2015 collection that just launched( MORE BETTER & FIRST CLASS) and two from the batch that launched last month( MARS & BE-DAZZLED)..

My decision to do another review on these lipsticks is because I find some of the formula to be seriously annoying guys and people suggesting the formula of these was better than the first batch. So I wanted to share my thoughts.

First the true performance of this lipsticks varies depending on the shade. Some really GOOD, BAD and the rest TERRIBLY BAD..


Be-Dazzled – Is described as deep true purple, I am absolutely in love with Be-Dazzled,its so stunning..The application is both smooth and even, and I didn’t find it to be drying. It doesn’t apply entirely opaque,but because it applies evenly, you can simply layer it to get the intensity you want. So I will rate this formula GOOD.


Mars – Is described as red fuchsia. It is bright, bold and beautiful. It a beautiful vibrant neon dark pink. Any skin tone could rock this but on me,its just not pigmented enough to get the true colour to show.. And its so hard to layer it on because it gets dry super fast.. Its so BAD i can’t even wear it out..


More Better – Is described as a deep violet wine..This shade was sold out, but is currently back in stock and trust me,it will be gone soon because its too gorgeous… It’s such a stunning rich colour, and would flatter many different skin tone. It’s an ideal fall shade. I have no issue at all with this shade,its pigmented,applies evenly and smooth.. Love it and the formula is GOOD.


First Class – Is described as a vivid orange red. Orange is one shade that really scares me.I just feel it too bright for my skin tone and would look horrible on me..I went out of my comfort zone to try this shade and the shade didn’t disappoint me but the formula did.. This formula is TERRIBLY BAD.. Its very liquidy and applied super super patchy.imageimage

So I will advice that if you see any shade you like, just make sure to check for reviews and swatches on your skin tone before you get it..

Have a nice day..



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