imageThe Original Makeup Eraser..

Product Description:

Makeup Eraser removes 100% of your makeup with just warm water.
Removes mascara including waterproof mascara in just seconds.
Cloth is approximately 7″ wide x 16″ long.
All natural, no chemicals, and machine washable.
Use up to 1000 times and everything comes clean;no stains and remains soft. Promotes healthy skin.

To use:

  1. You just damp the cloth in warm water,
  2. Rub the damp cloth over your skin in circular motions
  3. And then flip to the longer side to exfoliate.

The makeup doesn’t  smear on you, it just wipes everything from foundation, eye makeup, waterproof mascara and even long-wear liquid liner.

NOTE – It is recommended to wash this product before using it for the first time. Super easy, super simple. You just wash by tossing it in your washing machine at cold cycle.

imageMy review:

The Makeup Eraser has two very soft and luxurious sides, with different textures. One side to takeoff the makeup,the other side to gently exfoliate.It’s very soft and instantly removes all my makeup with a little warm water,even waterproof mascara will be lifted away. I hate wipes and this is just a lazy girls (like myself) dream. Before I started using this,I normally use Clinique take the day off balm,to take of my makeup,then go in with my cleansing oil and cleansing bar.. But with this Eraser, after using it, I just go straight to use my cleansing bar, toner and moisturizer and am ready for bed..image The makeup eraser does what it claims except exfoliate.. I did not find much difference in how this product performs, no matter which side I use. I did find that one side offered me a bit more of a thorough cleansing than the other side. It didn’t exfoliate at all,but it took off all the makeup which am satisfied with..

imageI have very sensitive skin and I easily breakout from stuffs like this.. No breakout or any skin issues,which was my major concern about this product. After using it, I just rinse it out, squeeze all the water out and hang it on the towel rack. Because it’s so soft and light, it dries quickly with no musty smell. This cloth can be reused and washed over 1000 times hence this makes it totally worth the money.

Overall, I love this product,have had the it for like seven months and I felt the need to talk about it here.. I am highly impressed with this product and it’s totally worth it for me..

You can get it from Sephora if you are interested or if you in Nigeria..



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