imageMORPHE 35O PALETTE.  $23.00 US dollars.

imageCan we all just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness that is the Morphe 35O Palette…

*you can continue reading now* LOL.

imageThe 35O palette includes 35 eyeshadows in a black plastic case. The palette has matte, satin,shimmery,metallic and foiled shades .This palette appealed to me because of the range of beautiful warm, orange-y shades,I love the warm colours ..

imageThis palette is buttery smooth,all the shadows are pigmented, some are just more intense than others, and all super easy to blend.. The pigmentation on the shimmery and metallic shades is just out of this world.. I don’t need to talk much on this palette,I will let the swatches do the talking.LOL.image

first roll
first roll


SECOND ROLL.imageimage

THIRD ROLL.imageimage

FOURTH ROLL.imageimage

FIFTH ROLL.imageimage

SIXTH ROLL.imageimage


Over all, this palette is a must have guys..I can’t stress how much I love it,It has all the shades I need for complete looks. Its currently out of stock at the moment..It sells out super fast,so once its back in stock you better grab yourself one..

Have a wonderful day..



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