Amrezy × Lipland Liquid Lipstick. $18.99 USD 

If you are on Instagram and you love makeup, than you have heard of Amrezy(@amrezy). She is one of my favorite beauty experts on social media. Her makeup is always on point, like seriously.I started following her earlier this years and its amazing to see how far she has come, first with an eyeshadow palette with Anastasia and now lipstick. She truly is amazing..


So, a couple of weeks ago, Amrezy  released three beautiful lipstick shades through Lipland Cosmetics and I managed to get my hands on two of the shades, (MONTENEGRO AND REZY).


I love the packaging of this lipstick. The box it came in is super cute,so also is the lipsticks themselves. The design is so sleek,chic and totally classy.


I had pretty high expectations for these, seeing as she is a makeup artist. And she didn’t disappoint to some extent. They really did a great job, the colours are beautiful and pigmented. They glide on smoothly and dries to a matte finish. Even tho it dries to a matte finish,I love how comfortable they feel on my lips, not too drying, very light weight and doesn’t crack. They don’t move or budge. They last for like 4 -6 hours without eating anything oily. Oil will certainly wipe it all off your lips.




Montenegro – Is A Deep Plum-ish and Burgundy. (currently sold-out,but will be back soon.)


This shade looks purple-ish in the tube, but when applied to the lips, it comes out a very deep plum shade. I love this colour. Am a big fan of deep shades, so I was really excited to try this shade out.


Rezy – Is A Peachy Nude With Light Pink Undertones.


This shade is also gorgeous. On dark skin,this can’t be applied alone. Just like how I apply most of my nude lippies,I first line my lips with a dark lip liner,then apply the lipstick. So it doesn’t look funny. I would advice you do the same if you are a WOC.. It will look really stunning on fair skin tone.


The only issue with this lipsticks is that it didn’t last as long as I hoped it would.It starts to fade after like 5hour without eating.. So if you plan on using it, aim for only a couple of hours where you don’t plan to eat or drink. And if you plan to eat,be sure to take it along with you for reapplication.

Aside the lasting power,am impressed with every other thing about this lipsticks. Am happy I got them..

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Stay blessed.



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