I know have been MIA for like a month or over, and its simple because I wasn’t feeling december at all for some personal reasons. So have been at my mums grieving and behaving like a spoilt child. but now am back and I have so many beauty products to review on here.

imageFirst is this Real Techniques Brow Set- $20,that they just released and am so loving it. I wanted to get a tweezer from Anastasia because almost everyone who has it says its the best, but the price is just too much. So when I saw this I quickly ordered it..

imageThis brow setΒ includes all the tools you need to clean up, fill in, define and shape your brows. The slanted design allows for precise and easy control while defining your brows.

imageimageThe tools comes in a Panoramic case. Which is a dual carrier and stand that helps to keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go.

The set includes ;
imageimageimageAngled tweezer : A stainless steel with a flat edges for expert brow shaping.
imageimageimageDetailing tweezer : A stainless steel with a pointed tip to clean up fine hairs.
imageimageSlanted brow spoolie : A perfectly sized spoolie for brow grooming and blending.
imageimageSlanted arch definer : A unique design allows you to plot your perfect brow shape or smudge your brow product for a natural finish.
imageimageimageimageSlanted brow brush : This brow brush can be used to applies and blend both powder and cream brow products smoothly.

I love this set and for the price?Β Its just perfect.

Gotten from

for 6000naira..



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