Anastasia Brow Definer 

Been stalking all the online stores for this,hehehe. Am so excited to talk about this,because its We all know that Anastasia Beverly Hills’ line of brow products are amazing. From the brow wiz – brow pomade – tinted  and clear brow gel, this stuff keeps your brow game on point, and they have absolutely nailed it this time.



The Anastasia Brow Definer has a unique, triangular tip that can be used three different ways to outline and fill brows.


Thin : Use the sharpest point of the tip to create fine, hair-like strokes.


Medium : Use the back side of the pencil to create thicker, hair-like strokes.


Wide : Use the pencil on its side to create broad strokes.


Its double ended with one end as the retractable mechanical pencil and the other end the custom spooley to help blend the brows. I definitely appreciate a spooley on the end of a brow product.



I got the shade Chocolate, which is what I also use for brow wiz.

I like their brow wiz but I personally feel it lacks that richness for my scanty brow (thats y I stick to my Mac brow pencil and the Abh brow pomade) . Its kindoff too dry and time consuming for me. but I still use it when I want a “no makeup” makeup look. If you are with me on this issue then you should be excited about this new ABH brow definer.

The Brow Definer has a Triangular Tip which gives three angles for application. It’s made so you can outline and fill easily with one product which is amazing. The brow definer is thicker and richer than their Brow Wiz pencils. The size of the brow definer is a lot larger than the original Brow Wiz. The Brow Wiz is $21 and .003 oz, and the Brow Definer is $23 and .007 oz.

Here is a quick comparison between the Brow Wiz and the Brow Definer:


Left-Brow wiz / Right-Brow definer

The brow wiz broke so excuse the way it looks. It took like 6 to 7 strokes to get the brow wiz to show this well, and the brow definer 2 strokes.

Overall, The Brow Definer is definitely my favourite from the ABH brow line and totally worth every penny. Its very easy to use, it does a great job of allowing me to fill in my sparse brows and its not as time consuming as the Brow Wiz. The slanted tip also makes it really easy to create a very natural arch to the brows. Lastly I think if you have full brow, you should just stick to the brow wiz. Because this might be too rich for your already full brows.

They come in 10 shades:
Blonde, Taupe, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Caramel, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Ebony, Granite.

From for 7500Naira.



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