Sorry for the lack of post, my brother has been seriously ill for the past one week and have just been running around and have no time to blog.

Last week friday, I was on my way to work with full face of makeup when I received a call that my brother was rushed to the hospital.. I immediately went straight to the hospital to see him, the illness was so serious I had to stay at the hospital until I was chased out cause they don’t allow anyone sleep there. So I went straight to my moms house. When I got home, there was nothing I could use to take off my makeup, my mom already traveled with most of her skincare products and I don’t sleep with makeup on. Thats a NO NO for me.

Here is how I took off my makeup, and honey this performed better than any makeup remover or wipe have used..

What is needed;

  • Olive oil (Any Olive oil of your choice)
  • Face wash of you choice ( A clarifying face wash is best, because they help clear oil from the face).


  • I took the OLIVE OIL on my moms vanity, massaged it all over my face, eyelid and neck,image
  • After massaging the oil, without water, I appliedΒ TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING FACIAL WASHΒ ( I got this for my mom more than 3months ago) on my face and spread evenly,
  • Next I went to the bathroom and rinsed it all off..

And all the makeup on my face was gone. Sincerely I didn’t believe it. I was expecting to still have oil on my face which will require me to cleanse the second time, but there was no oil, makeup gone and my face was clean and fresh..

So just incase you find yourself in a ‘rush’ situation or you run out off your cleansing balm or wipes, just try this and thank me later..

FYI – I have oily skin and this didn’t cause me to break out.. I definitely won’t use this everyday, just when I don’t have my cleansing balm or wipe.

NOTE; Β We don’t want the oil that was used to clog pores which can lead to acne, so I would recommend using acne wash. Acne wash removes oil from the face really well.

Have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget to like & comment this post and PLEASE pray for my brother, his name is Mark.. Thank you.


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