So a good friend of mine told me about this brushes and how amazing they are. I was on the hunt for good and affordable brushes at that time, so I ordered the 15pcs set and you guys, am so happy I didn’t doubt her because they are simply amazing..image

Jessup 15pcs brushes set has different colours you can choose from, I got the black and silver. Each brush has the supposed function imprinted on the handle in a white font .. But you definitely can use a brush for other functions.


I just got this brushes last week and I love them.. The bristles of all the brushes are incredibly soft, and perform as well as some of my pricy brushes . So far, I haven’t experience any shedding when cleaning them.  Also the handles are firm and sturdy.image

  1. Large powder Brush – Synthetic hair.. Applying and blending powder product..image
  2. Tapered Face Brush – Synthetic hair.. Apply powder, blush or contour shades, the Tapered shape gives exact placement of product.image
  3. Powder/Blush Brush – Synthetic hair.. Application of powder products on cheek and face.

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  4. Duo Fibre Powder Blush Brush – Synthetic hair.. Application of powder, Blush or highlight.image
  5. Tapered Highlighter Brush – Synthetic hair.. To apply setting powder or highlighting the cheek bone.image
  6. Large Fluff Brush – Synthetic hair.. For blending or highlighting the eye and face with powder products..image
  7. Large Concealer Brush – Synthetic hair.. Application of emollient and water-based foundations,cheek color ,or skin conceal..image
  8. Tapered Blending Brush – wool.. Gently shading and blending the crease line with powder shadow..image
  9. Blending Brush – Wool.. Application and blending of powder products..image
  10. Concealer Brush – Synthetic hair… Application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient product..image
  11. Short Shader Brush – Synthetic hair..  Applies and blends all types of eye shadows..image
  12. Small Tapered Blending Brush – Synthetic hair. For applying intense colours to the crease to add depth and dimension to the eye.image
  13. Flat Definer Brush – Synthetic hair.. For defining and lining with powder,emollient, or water-based products..image
  14. Small Eyeliner Brush – Synthetic hair. For controlled ultra-fine application of any powder,liquid or cream-based eye liner..imageimage
  15. Lip Brush – Synthetic hair.. For applying lipstick products.

The only 2 brushes am not really feeling from the set are the Tapered Blending brush and the Blending brush. These are the only 2 brushes from the set that use natural bristles and they are scratchy on the eyes. I will probably use it for another function.

Overall, I love this set and the price is amazing.. I got it from @the_df_store on Instagram.

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Easter Guys..


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