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I trust you guys are doing great.. I have here a new found love, its the Hegai&esther blending sponge..


Hegai&esther is a Nigerian cosmetic brand, they are well know for their eyebrow definer which is also bomb. I fell for the hype and wanted to try their brow definer. I went to their site to order but didn’t want to get just that,so I added a blending sponge..

When I first got it, it was hard and there was no way I could use it like that. So I rinse the sponge. After rinsing, it was soft and I allowed to dry but not totally dry.. It was still damp when I used it and I loved it immediately.

The size of this sponge is a little bigger than the original beauty blender before and after rinsing..

It blends nicely guys. Even tho its not as soft as beauty blender or real techniques sponge, but it does the work perfectly well.

After first use I cleansed the blending sponge for next use with just bar soap, and it was brand new again.. Second use was total love. I love how it expands and gets softer after each cleanse.. It just gets better after each use..

I love this sponge, and to think its just 1,200naira.. Yes 1,200naira. This sponge is one you all need to try…


Price – 1,200naira.


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