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I quickly want to talk about this Clinique 3-Step Skincare System. I have oily acne prone skin, hence I always use products to help keep the oil and acne under control.

I love Clinique products.. They work but slowly and you have to be consistent. This 3 step really helps keep my acne under control.

The 3 step skincare system includes Liquid Facial Soap, clarifying lotion and dramatically different moisturizing gel.


Step 1: Liquid Facial Soap

I wash my face with this cleanser after taking off my makeup. It removes any makeup left behind and excess oil from my skin. My skin feels clean and fresh after use.


Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

I apply it with cotton wool after cleansing. This stings a little . Clinique claims it exfoliates, but am not sure about that. It makes my skin soft tho and serum apply smoothly.


Step 3: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel..

I love this moisturizer.. After serum, I wait a few minute before applying moisturizer. It moisturizes my skin perfectly well .. I only use it at night because it doesn’t contain SPF to protect my skin during the day.

Overall, I love this kit. They all work very well when used together.

NOTE: Clinique 3-Step Skincare System is numbered according to skin type 1,2,3 & 4.

  • 1 – is for Very Dry/Dry skin.
  • 2 – Dry skin.
  • 3 – Combination/Oily skin.
  • 4 – Oily skin.

So you choose for your skin type.

You can get from MONTAIGN PLACE at Ikeja Citymall/The palm Lekki. or Online from WWW.GLAMBEAUTYJAY.COM .


  1. hmmm,u are lucky it’s ok for you.i bought the liquid soap and the clarifying fact the raches and pimples on my face trippled .i had to stop using it.i just wasted 12,000 naira.they are there beautifying my


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