I talked about MY MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE not too long ago, so today I will be talking about my Night-Time Routine. My Morning routine as you all know is quite simple, but at Night is when I take my time to treat my skin. I have sensitive skin prone to breakout, it important I take care of my skin to keep it under control. Lets get into it.

My Night-Time Routine can be broken down into two categories: The products I use every single night, and then the products that incorporate on a less frequent basis.


Here are the products I use every single night;

Products I incorporate;


MURAD SKIN SMOOTHING POLISH – I only exfoliate with this once a week,since I use a gentle exfoliator everyday.



  • Once a week, I use the REVIEW – AZTEC SECRET INDIAN HEALING CLAY MASK mixed with Tumeric powder and Apple Cider Vinegar. This mixture is a must if you have oily or combination skin. Get into guys.
  • ORIGINS CLEAR IMPROVEMENT ACTIVE CHACOAL MASK – I love this mask and can’t do without it. Its one of my must have. It helps to clear pores and smooth my skin. I use it once a week.
  • PETERTHOMASROTH PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK – This mask is quiet strong. It exfoliates, peels and polishes my skin. I use it once a week.
  • GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT – Another love of mine. This mask is great for oily problem skin. I use it when I feel my skin is about to breakout and truly it helps a lot. Am almost out and I will definitely restock.


ACNE.ORG BENZOYL PEROXIDE (2.5%) TREATMENT – I only use it on active acne. I apply it on the affected area after Toner and before serum. I allow it to dry totally before applying serum. It’s a must have if you suffer from acne.


This is a Peel off mask. It helps to remove black and white heads. I mostly use it on my nose and once a week. Its available on AMAZON.COM .


Lastly, as someone with combination skin, the side of my face can be excessively dry some times and needs more moisture. That is when face oil comes in. I use FARSALI ROSE GOLD ELIXIR OIL. It helps keep my skin hydrated.

You can check detailed reviews of the products and where you can get them by clicking on product name.

What are some of your must have skincare products??

Have a wonderful day guys and don’t forget to like and leave your comments below.



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