Sometimes ago, I heard Colourpop Cosmetics offers international shipping and I was so happy to see Nigeria on the list of countries . Here is my first order directly from Colourpop Cosmetics and I want to share my experience with you guys.



First,their shipping rate is $25. That is too much I know, probably it will change with time. I placed my order on the 13 october, and received an email almost immediately from Colourpop with a breakdown of my order, how much I spent, and a warning that orders usually take 3-5 business days to process. On the 14th, a shipment conformation was sent to me with a warning that orders usually take 7-21 business days outside the USA,
along with tracking number. On the 14th also, I noticed the money for the order was deducted from my acount. I waited 24hours before I started tracking my order.

The tracking was only updated once and It just didn’t update anymore. On the 27th october, my parcel arrived at the post office and I was contacted to come collect it with an ID and 500NGN. I was so happy, lol.



I collected the parcel that same day, everything came packaged individually in a really pretty white box with layers of foam to protect the products and a written note was in it. Nothing was damaged, and everything came perfect.

My advice if you decide to order from Colourpop directly, make sure your order is over $50. It doesn’t make sense to order below that amount and ship $25. If you want just one or two item, just get from a store in Nigeria. The prices are reasonable here.

Overall, it took exactly 2weeks for my parcel to get to me..  I’m so happy with my experience with Colourpop Cosmetics and I can’t wait to order from them again. Stay tuned to find out what I bought in another post.

Have a fab day guys.




  1. Mehn with this 400 naira to a dollar , it will take a while before I’d be able to order anything from any international online store 😞. Still looking for online beauty stores that ship to Nigeria though.


  2. hmmm $25 for shipping alone,have said it in a post before am not a fan of buying stuff online#side eye#lol#not to talkof ordering for things out side the country.i don’t mind to be patient till they are available in Nigeria.can’t wait for you to do review about them


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