I trust you guys are doing good. It’s discussion time. lol. So I have seen a lot of Makeup Artist and Beauty Bloggers talk about wetting you beauty blender before makeup. Some of this Makeup Artist are my fave and they do really bomb makeup. Even the founder of Original BeautyBlender also suggest you wet your Beautyblender before you start you makeup.


First, it wrong to use a dry Blending Sponge. It gives a totally flat look. It’s totally wrong. But wetting your Blending Sponge right before you begin your Makeup is also a NO for me. I have tried it a few time, even yesterday morning (totally ruined my Makeup) and I always end up wiping my Makeup off. Especially when using it to blend Concealer.

It doesn’t blend Concealer well at all. It’s not bad to blend foundation after using a brush, but using a wet sponge to blend concealer is a total mess. It takes away too much of the concealer, makes it look patchy, wet and so uneven. It’s just not worth it. Seriously.

What works for me is wetting my sponge a day before. So when I want to use it, its DAMP or MOIST. Not totally dry and not wet either.

What do y’all think about wetting your sponge right before applying your makeup?? I really want to hear from you guys. Maybe am not doing it the right way.



  1. Lool I don’t know if I’ve been doing the wrong thing, but when I first heard about the beauty blender, I thought they meant you should wet it, then squeeze it in a clean towel to take away most of the water, so that is it damp, not wet. That way, the sponge has expanded, but when I press it to my skin, it’s not so wet that it leaves water on my skin. This is how I’ve been using my sponges. So I can even wet it 5 minutes before my makeup application, dry it a little on a towel, and I’m good to go.


  2. *lool*you are not alone oo,wetting my beauty blender doesnt work for me,it sucks all my foundation and concealer.I end up wiping everything to start all over again by using foundation brush.Iol.i keep wondering the importance of it.or maybe mine is not an original one.I use it to smoothen and reduce my foundation if it’s too much after using brush.watching it on YouTube makes it look easy.abeg i prefer foundation brush any time.


    1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.. It’s actually not difficult to use. It’s just the part where you have to wet it right before applying makeup is doesn’t work for me.. Like it’s really terrible when I use a wet sponge.


  3. I wet my beauty blender right before I blend my highlight and contour because I notice if I do it before I start my brows or my makeup at all, it is not damp enough anymore. Using a brush to blend my concealer doesn’t work for me, or maybe I’m just not using the right brush.
    Which brush do you use?


  4. I suck at blending full stop! Using it on my foundation is fine but adding concealer is a mess! Put it this way I’ve tried, damp, wet and dry and it just looks patchy. I prefer blending with a normal brush. X


  5. I am mostly a buffing foundation brush person, but i tried Nuban beauty sponge and the total look was flawless. So after I use my brush, i just spray little water from a spray bottle and use the blender to push in the foundation more to my skin. But most importantly, I use the brush first


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