Let’s talk about HudaBeauty Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow Palette.. There are so many mixed reviews on this palette that I almost regretted buying it before I even got my hands on it. But am very glad I got it. Let’s get into it.



“I literally dreamt about the colors in this palette, and it’s finally come to life!” Beauty guru and entrepreneur Huda Kattan blends her makeup expertise and obsession all in her debut eyeshadow palette. Raising the bar with her unique Textured Shadows, she’s created a palette of highly saturated mattes, chrome pressed pearls, and 3D metal shadows. Talc-free and buildable, the colors deliver maximum payoff for easy on-the-go, or came-to-slay metallic and smoky looks. Consider it a complete wardrobe for your eyes, no matter what the mood or occasion. An ode to Huda’s favorite metallic, the sophisticated Rose Gold, this timeless collection will be your new can’t-live-without palette.


The Packaging is slim and lightweight. It’s made out of black cardboard with a clear plastic cover that flips open, it is similar to a z-palette. No mirror or eyeshadow brush. Not my favourite packaging, I expected more for the price.


The palette contains eighteen eyeshadows with a mix of 3D Metal, Pressed Pearls and Matte Eyeshadows.


Six 3D Metal Eyeshadows;

  • Dubai – A smoky bronze,
  • Fling – A sparkly cranberry,
  • 24K – A lavish gold,
  • Rose Gold – A lustworthy rose gold,
  • Trust Fund – A ritzy copper,
  • Blessed – A vintage gold.

The 3D Metals in this palette are incredibly AMAZING. Seriously one of a kind. They are very pigmented, dense, creamy and the payoff is out of this world..When applied on the lid with your finger, it give an incredible shine that is almost reflective. They are similar to Colourpop Eyeshadows but more pigmented and more dense. The issue with the 3D Metals is the fact that you can’t apply it with a brush. I did try to use a small synthetic brush and it picked up little to no pigment. The best way recommended by HudaBeauty to apply it, is with your finger. But even with finger, they are chunky and still difficult to work with.


Two Chromatic Pressed Pearls Eyeshadows;

  • Angelic – A sweet pink with gold reflections,
  • Moon Dust – An astral gold illumination.

The Pressed Pearl Eyeshadows are just like every other pressed pearl shadows. They are very pigmented and unlike the 3D Metal, a lid eyeshadow brush or fingertip can be used to apply them on the lid.



Ten Saturated Matte Eyeshadows;

  • Bossy – A statement-making maroon clay,
  • Flamingo – A dashing notice-me pink,
  • Shy – A delicate dusty pink,
  • BAE – A cream-colored base shadow,
  • Black Truffle – A decadent black,
  • Suede – A smooth transition gray,
  • Coco – A bark brown,
  • Maneater  – A ruthless mulberry,
  • Henna – A warm reddish-brown,
  • Sandalwood – An earthy deep tan.

I love the selection of Matte Eyeshadows in this palette. You have all the perfect crease and outer corner shades. But the quality of the matte shades are a little disappointing, although I still like them. They are finely milled and don’t contain any talc. They apply and blend out with very little or no fall out at all. But they do not appear on the eyes as bold as they look in the pan or swatched. They are not opaque when applied, you have to keep building to get them to show up. Although they do build up nicely. I find some to be too dry (Flamingo, Maneater and Henna), but the rest are buttery smooth and soft.


Overall this is a lovely Eyeshadow palette. I won’t say it’s a must have, but the 3D metals are beautiful and different but just not user friendly. This palette is great for on the go or when you’re traveling on vacation. You have everything you need for any kind of makeup look you want to create.

I like this palette, it has beautiful shade selection, but they still need work.

I think you can Pre-order from (Am not very sure)

Price – $65.00 / 35,000NGN or more in Nigeria.




  1. Yesss! I’ve been waiting for this review! I’m still confused about whether to get it. Lol! I had such a hard time with the ColourPop shadows, and I don’t like some of pink matte shades here. I’m also disappointed with the packaging. But there’s a part of me that wants to try the 3D textured shadows out of curiousity and Angelic looks amazing. And the colour combination in general is great. Let me see if I can find dupes for the colours I want the most. Great review as usual.


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