I trust you all are doing great. I was home yesterday thinking of what to do because I hate just lying in bed when am ill, I decided to groom my brows because I haven’t for over 2 months now. I picked up my Tweezers and started Tweezing, while I was at it, I noticed the crazy whiteheads on my nose. Upclose, that stuff is disgusting guys. ARGHHH.

img_2506-1So I decided why not use the Tweezers to pull to remove the whiteheads and you guys I was shook. My Tweezers removed the white heads so well it was unbelievable. After removing all the ones I could see, I squeezed my nose and more came out, so I removed them all. Right now my nose is free of white heads. YAYYY! Am so happy.

It’s so easy guys, Just use the Tweezers to grab the white head and pull it out. I used Anastasiabeverlyhills Mini Tweezers to remove mine, it’s very small and precise. It’s not painful at all. Try it and thank me later guys.

Have a wonderful day guys.