Ever since I started wearing lashes, I have been jumping from one lash glue to another, searching for the best and I think I have found some. But I will be talking about my favourite, which is My Lash Extensionz Lash Adhesive.


If you wear false eyelashes then you need a good quality eyelash adhesive that works well to keep the eyelashes in place all day and easy to remove when you want to take it off. Also the right adhesive will make the whole lash application easier and faster.


My Lash Extensionz Lash Adhesive comes in a tube with a thin brush applicator which makes it super easy to apply and precise application. It is white in the tube, but it dries clear for an invisible hold no one knows is there.

Once set, it keeps your false eyelashes in place securely without any irritation to the eyes and you won’t have to worry about them falling off or slipping. Also I love how light it is, it’s not thick and doesn’t feel heavy.


I love clear eyelash adhesive, because they’re versatile and natural looking. And the best part about this lash adhesive, is that it comes with a colour indicator. It is white when applied on the lashes but turns clear, which means its tacky and ready to be laid. This can be really helpful if you are just learning to apply lashes.

I love it and am definitely sticking to this one.

Available –

Price – 4,500NGN



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