When it comes to makeup, I am always on the look out for products that can make my skin look smoother and flawless with minimum efforts, so I don’t have to use way too much products in covering up imperfections. I saw a beautyblogger use the Milk Makeup Blur Stick on Snapchat and I was instantly sold. I had to get it. I did and here are my thoughts.



It comes in a plastic transparent thick tube.. Once you open the outer cover, the main product is in a roll on package. It has a twist on cap. It’s a sleek and chic packaging.



The universal face filter. Silicone-free Blur Stick matte primer minimizes the appearance of pores up to 68%* and goes on clear to work on all skin tones. It’s silicone-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores and your skin can breathe. Swipe onto moisturized skin before applying foundation to mattify skin and help makeup stay. Please note that this product is not recommended for those with a sensitivity to citrus or coconut oils. This product is vegan. All Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free.


The Milk Makeup Blur Stick comes in just one colour and it suits all complexions. It looks tinted in the tube but the application is colourless. It does not have any smell at all to it. It can be used as a primer for makeup or alone.

To apply this product I swiped it all over my face and blend in with my fingers, then I reapply in areas where I have larger pores for more smoothness. It blends easily and smoothly and doesn’t look like you applied anything on your skin.

Upon application, My pores did look less noticeable and my skin felt really smooth. But they didn’t blur my pores enough for me even tho I do not have large pores. I always have to reapply like twice for it to blur my pores to my satisfaction, but it doesn’t . I was a little disappointed here because I got this just for my pores and am just not satisfied with the performance. I have the Benefit Porefessional Primer and I think it blurs my pores better than this does.


The Milk Makeup Blur stick did mattify my tzone area post application, but didn’t help my makeup last longer. It didn’t make me look oily either. I have to use a mattifying primer on my tzone with it to control shine all through the day.

Here is what I love most about this Blur Stick, it creates a VERY smooth base. My makeup blends so seamlessly after applying this primer and I think it’s because of the coconut oil in it. Seriously!! It gives my face a smooth and airbrushed finish.

Overall I like this blur stick but it’s not a favorite. I like how flawless my makeup applies on it and the packaging is chic. If you have dry skin with less pores, it’s worth trying out. Oily skin stay away (my skin is mostly dry now)

AVAILABLE – @the_df_store on Instagram.

PRICE – $36



  1. babes thanks for the review,YouTube gurus have been raving about this primer but thank God for your review cos,i wanted to buy this primer or becca.i will go for becca cos my skin is super oily.

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  2. i have some open pores around my nose and unfortunately i havent found anything that works. Its always hype. I feel like these types of products only help to smooth the face. Great review

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