Today’s post is on Ways To Make Your Foundation & Concealer Last Longer. This is the most asked question when it come to makeup in Nigeria. Simply because of the heat and humid weather.. And it’s quite a challenge when you have oily/combination skin in such humid weather. So here we go.

Here are the steps;

A good makeup starts with your skin. How you prep and take care of your skin is the foundation of a flawless makeup throughout the day. Here’s what you can do from a skincare perspective to enhance and maintain the results.

  • Refine skin’s texture the night before with a gentle exfoliator, preferably an AHA or BHA exfoliant, to gett rid of built-up dead skin and flakiness, your makeup products will go on more evenly for a seamless base. I do this 3 times a week,not everyday.
  • Start the day by using a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil and debris that can interfere with the performance of foundation and concealer, but make sure the cleanser doesn’t dry out your skin, which can create uneven texture. You want to make sure you have a clean, soft, smooth slate for your makeup.


  • Apply a light layer of moisturizer/sunscreen. I prefer my moisturizer with SPF so I only have to use one product instead of two.
  • Use a primer to smooth, blur your pores, and mattify (if you have oily skin) your skin. Your foundation will look more seamless and last longer with primer.


  • After primer, set your face with setting powder. I learnt this trick from Jackieaina and it does it for me. I use the  LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER MEDIUM DEEP on my tzone, it instantly eliminate any shine on my skin and adds more coverage to my foundation.
  • Using the right foundation and concealer for your skin type and how it is applied absolutely affects how long it will last. To apply start with a thin layer of foundation, then build to your desired coverage. A thick layer of makeup is more prone to sliding off your face throughout the day because it just can’t adhere as well to skin. Also consider a matte-finish foundation for long lasting wear if you have oily skin.
  • Another tip is lightly pat Tissue paper on your face after applying foundation/concealer to remove any shine/oil before setting with powder. This really works, try it and thank me later.
  • Next step is to set with powder. No matter your skin type or foundation you use, your makeup will last longer with powder over it. You don’t need much, just lightly pat it on with a powder puff or brush.


  • Lastly, Setting spray. I will be sincere, the only setting spray I have tried that helps my makeup last longer is the UD All Nighter Setting Spray. I love Mac Fix+, Pixi Glow Mist, SmashBox Primer Water etc, but just to refresh my makeup and melt it all together so I don’t look powdery. So don’t expect much from a Setting Spray alone.

Additional Tips;

  • Avoid touching your face throughout the day or holding your phone propped against your face. We unknowingly touch our face hundreds of times during the day, and that contact continually wears down our makeup and also the germs on your hands can lead to future breakouts.
  • Lastly always make sure you have blotting paper in your purse. So when you start to get oily, you use it to dab off the excess oil before touching up with powder. I love my BLOTTERAZZI BY BEAUTY BLENDER . I do not only use it to blot, I also use it to touch-up with powder.

So here are my Tips and Tricks. I would love to know yours?

Have a lovely day guys.



  1. nice tips babes,i will try that tip of patting tissue paper on my face after applying foundation and concealer to remove any shine or oil before applying powder.
    you are right about setting spray it only makes my face not to look cakey and chalky but making makeup last longer i don’t think so.

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