I am so excited to share with your guys the new Morphe Eyeshadow Palette in collaboration with one of my favorites YouTuber Jaclyn Hill..

First Morphe and JaclynHills collaboration.

If you weren’t aware, this isn’t the first time that these two have collaborated, Jaclyn Hill first released an eyeshadow palette with Morphe back in 2014 that contained a compilation of her favorite eyeshadows from the brand which I own(didn’t review it tho). Now, the two are back with a brand new eyeshadow palette that contains thirty-five shades that were all customized by Jaclyn Hill. The eyeshadow palette retails for $38, a bit higher than the other Morphe palettes, but is still reasonable for the amount and quality of products you get.



This is not your average eye palette. That’d be boring. We (and most importantly, Jaclyn Hill) don’t do boring. This palette is a 2-year love affair. 35 brand-new, OMG eyeshadows that Jaclyn whipped up, formulated, tested, re-tested, and perfected. They were created to deliver not only the best color payoff but also amazing application. Mattes, shimmers, satins, foils, and glitter: all pressed to perfection…just the way Jaclyn wanted. Her dreamy colors are now your reality. So whether you’re pressed for time or have time to play, this palette is your new bestie. Because a girl (and guy) needs to have options.



Unlike the traditional Morphe products with the black packaging, the Jaclyn Hill Palette came in a white and silver cardboard packaging with metallic silver lettering on the front cover. . It is really gorgeous but also can be really messy. I don’t like white cardboard packaging and it makes no sense. Makeup gets messy and I don’t mind cause I can clean it up and it will look new and clean again. but you can’t clean cardboard and white for that matter, it will only make it worst.


There is no mirror, but it’s not a big deal for me because I can’t imagine holding this huge palette in my hands while I do my makeup or keep in my purse. There is a note from Jaclyn Hill on the inner packaging dedicating the palette to her fans. There is also a piece of plastic covering the shadows.


My palette didn’t come with the insert listing the shade names. I expected the shade names printed on the plastic cover above the shadows, or labeled on the back of the box. I had to download it to show you guys.

The palette contains 35 eyeshadows of mostly neutral shades with warm/cool tones and a few pop of colours as well. The palette includes beautiful shades with matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes.



The shadows are very nice. The textures performed well and I didn’t find any of them to be completely problematic but they aren’t like groundbreaking. They were all easy to work with, pigmented and blendable. I did experience a bit of fallout from the matte shades, but nothing crazy. So you’ll need to be gentle when dipping your brush. I recommend tapping off the excess from the brush before applying it on the eyes.




As for the shimmery/metallic shades, they are very pigmented, creamy and go on smoothly with very minimal fallout. I only had issues with Enlight and Twerk. Both weren’t opaque. I had no problem building the shades tho, they did layer and blend nicely, even the matte shades..



Morphe and Jaclyn Hill claims these eyeshadows have a brand new formulation and were pressed differently from Morphe’s existing eyeshadows, which was a major factor that resulted in the price increase of this palette. I was able to compare this palette to 35O and 35N. The little difference is really with the shimmery/metallic shades. The shimmery/metallic shades from the Jaclyn Hill palette has very minimal fallout and are very creamy. I didnt notice any visible difference with the matte shades from this palette and other existing palettes, they are the same to me. The difference is mostly with the packaging.


All that being said, I truly love this palette. I am a fan of the shade selection. Perfect for both day and night time looks. I can go months with just this palette. It’s beautiful. The shades are very wearable and universally flattering. The shades aren’t problematic and are easy to work with. If you are contemplating on getting it, I would say go for it. It’s currently out of stock, but you can pre-order from Glambeautyjay.


PRICE – $38 / 22,000NGN



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