I have heard great things about the RCMA No Color Setting Powder, I have been wanting to try the for a while now. The reason I was hesitant is because it is white in colour. One of my readers recently asked about it and that really gingered me to get it. So here is my review after testing it for over a week.



RCMA Loose Powders are a staple in the industry and should be a part of every pro makeup artist’s kit. RCMA Powder will keep your foundations set and dry without “caking.” Our No-Color Powder can be used for all powdering purposes. Since it has no filler or pigment it will not alter the color of foundation bases.


The RCMA No Color Setting Powder comes in a 3OZ plastic bottle with a shifter type cap. Nothing fancy. It’s easy to use but quite messy and wasteful.

The RCMA No Color Setting Powder is white in colour and finely milled, feels VERY soft and smooth. It has a silky texture and feels weightless on the skin. It is translucent even on dark skin and doesn’t leave any white cast or flashback.



Upon application, it simply disappears into the skin and doesn’t alter the colour of my concealer. This powder blurs my pores perfectly well and gives my undereye area the most flawless and silky finish. It doesn’t look cakey or feel chalky at all and blends into the skin seemlessly.. Honestly I don’t know why it took me this long to try it.


The RCMA No Color Setting Powder also helps to control oil. It instantly gets rid of shine and mattifies the area of my face I used it to set without looking flat even when I bake with it. Once I set my concealer with this powder either with a beautyblender or a small tapered face brush, I let it bake while I do the rest of my face, then dust off the excess. It doesn’t crease and it stays put..




  • The RCMA is white in colour, while the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is slightly tinted, but they are both colourless and they both do not alter the colour of my concealer.
  • Both powders do not give me flashback or white cast.


  • I don’t bake my under eye with Laura Mercier, it makes my under eye look too dry when I do but I can bake with the RCMA and won’t look flat. That’s to say the Laura Mercier is more mattifying than the Rcma.


  • The only thing I don’t like about the RCMA is the packaging. When I want to use it, I have to pour it on a flat surface, I always pour too much and can’t put back the excess when I am done. And it can be really messy.
  • Lastly the RCMA(3oz) is more affordable than the Laura Mercier(1oz).

The LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT LOOSE SETTING POWDER has been holding the No1 spot for best setting powder since I started using it, but honestly I can’t even choose which one I love most right now. lol!

Which one of them is your favourite?


PRICE – 8,000NGN / $10



  1. Great review. Is the RCMA powder better than the sacha buttercup powder for a someone on a budget since they are the same price? And also can please do a review on the Evita Joseph 15 pcs pro makeup brushes?Because it’s quite pricey. I read your review on the Genesis reloaded 8pcs brushes but you basically praised the foundation buffer calling it a dupe for sigma foundation brush.


    1. Thank you. Both are nice setting powders. Sacha is yellow and more mattifying than Rcma which is white. Personally Sacha is too yellow for me so I prefer the Rcma. I love the Evita Joseph brushes and yes the buffing foundation brush G100 is similar to Sigma F80 foundation brush. I don’t have the 15pcs brush set but I can tell you her brushes are worth it. If you need something more affordable, you should get Bh Cosmetics brushes or Wet & Wide brushes. They area also really nice.


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