You guys I thought I posted this review weeks ago. I wrote this review weeks ago and it has just been sitting in my draft. Can you imagine!!


Anyway Zaron released a Matte version of their Healthy Glow Luminous Foundation, which in my opinion was matte but just doesn’t last long ( check out my review ZARON HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION FZ20 AND FZ25 ). I guess they saw reviews and decided to create one with a longer staying power. So we don’t get confused. I will refer to the old version as the Healthy Glow Luminous Foundation and this new one Matte. Let’s get into it.



This ultra matte foundation blends in smoothly and guarantees a beautiful matte finish. You are sure of an even skin tone and even more with SPF30 that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


The Zaron Healthy Glow Matte foundation comes in a glossy black tube packaging. It’s the same as the Healthy Glow Luminous Foundation but this one is glossy. I got shade FZ25 and they were kind enough to send me another shade FZ20 because I wasn’t sure the shade I wanted was gonna match. so I mix both with more of FZ20 to get my perfect match.

The Zaron Healthy Glow Matte foundation is a medium foundation but buildable to full coverage. It covers up my spots, blemishes and discolouration nicely, leaving a flawless and super matte finish.

Once blended out, it doesn’t feel heavy or look cakey and doesn’t settle in fine lines. This Foundation sets before it touches your skin guys.LOL! (exaggerating) But seriously guys, this Foundation sets immediately. You have to work REALLY fast, else it becomes difficult to blend.. It’s best you apply and blend section by section, that way it blends beautifully into the skin.

The Zaron Healthy Glow Matte foundation is 100% matte and last for good 7hours before the oil starts to shine through. It doesn’t move around and it stays put all through the day.


This Foundation does oxides and the shades are a little darker than the Luminous version. It is also fragranced just like the Luminous version and has SPF 30 which is great for sun protection.

I love both the Luminous and Matte Healthy Glow. The Luminous version has more coverage, doesn’t last as long as the Matte, has a glowy finish and its suitable for dry/combination skin. If you have dry skin, please stay away from the Matte Healthy Glow, it’s for combination/oil skin.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

You can also check out the review of ZARON LIQIUD CONCEALER incase you missed it..


PRICE – 4,750NGN




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