Hello beauty lovers!! I want to share with you a product my brow has been loving..image imageAnastasia beverlyhills brow wiz and clear brow gel..When i want to fill my brows,i like to draw lines at the edges of my brow in the shape i want it to be.Then fill within the lines..I have the Anastasia brow pencil which i love but in order to draw the lines i have to sharpen the pencil everyday which to me is wasteful and causes delay when in a hurry..That the reason i got this anastasia brow wiz,its just like mac brow pen,you don’t need to sharpen..So i use the brow wiz to draw the lines and the brow pencil by anastasia to fill in the brows.This brow wiz is not my fave tho,i prefer the mac brow pencil in stud.

brow wiz swatched on my hand.
brow wiz in chocolate swatched on my hand.

imageNext is this beauty..Anastasia clear brow favourite product for this week..It is just like mascara,but this one is a clear gel..You need this if you have eyebrows,whether your brows are full or sparse and it doesnt matter what colour your brows are.This works for everyone..imageAfter filling my brows to my desired shape with a brow pencil,i use the clear brow gel directly on my brow hair,combing in an upward motion.This will help you keep your brow hair in place all day..See me singing “where have you been, all my liiife”in Rihanna’s voice,after i got home the first time i used this gel and my brow was still intact. lol..Its a must have for that brow to be on FLEEK all day guys.And it doesn’t have to be Anastasia,other makeup brands have clear brow gel..Have a lovely weekend y’all..



Hey guys!!I trust your having a good day..So since everybody is doing throwback,i decided to do my own throw back..loll..This is a throwback of my OLD makeup have refused to throw away even that i don’t use them..Enjoy.imageimageimageClinique eyeshadow palette,Tara orekelewa eyeshadow palette,l’oreal eyeshadow palette and Wear infinite pressed eyeshadow quad.Am pretty sure they have been with me for more than 5years..I still love all four of them and use them once in a while..imageMary kay medium coverage foundation 507 & 504..Its funny i still don’t know my exact shade for this foundation..loll,Am i the only one? The shades are too much..Mehnnn i rocked mary kay foundation tho,not minding the oil that starts to pop after like 30minutes..Now i can’t even try to use it.lolimageMary kay lipsticks and glosses..My boo got this lippies for me back then.maybe thats the reason i can’t throw them dirty eye dust and lip glosses.Am sure I only used them once or so.But still love the eye dust.imageHardcandy plexi gloss,NYC smooch proof lip stain and volumizer mascara..This mascara,am sure is up to the hard candy gloss,thick and stays on for a very long time.NYC stain, never used it..imageGold eyeliner.By who?I don’t know.but its a nice liner i can still use..imageLastly is Zaron mattifying powder and milani concealer..The zaron powder has not really been too long it..Is there anything here you used? Leave your comment below.


imageHello Beauties!! I just got some new makeup items from that i want to show you guys,so enjoy.First is MAC eyeshadow Amber times nine.imageimageAm really disappointed tho..Mac needs to step up their palette game.when I first saw this palette,my mouth was open for like 5seconds because of how small the eyeshadows are.And am really sad cause i have the Mac × 15 on its way to me..I just hope i won’t be this disappointed..Also they aren’t as pigmented as their single eyeshadows.I sure won’t be getting any more of their palettes for now.imageimageNext is eyekandy glitter gel..I got some eyekandy gilters last week and applying glitters without its glue or gel is impossible for me..I knew i needed the i ordered one.I love that this is not a glue but brings the glitters together,stay put and also easy to remove.imageLastly is Coloured Raine matte lip paint..I love love them already,lol..wasnt really sure of this lippies,but this shades just made me fall in love with them.

Top-sugar,L-amazing raine,M- suede,R- vanity raine.
Top-sugar,L-amazing raine,M- suede,R- vanity raine.

I love all of them,but my favourite has to be suede..If red is your fave colour,you will LOVE vanity raine..gorgeous red..I will need a dark lip pencil for sugar else it will look really weird on me…imageThis is all for today guys.Don’t forget to like and leave your comment below..


A quick comparison of the New Anastasia liquid lipstick in craft with Dose of color berry me and berry me2..This is for people who like the new Anastasia craft but not a fan of their product..imageimage image

L- DOC berry me 2,,M- ABH craft,,R- DOC berry me.
L- DOC berry me 2,,M- ABH craft,,R- DOC berry me.

Anastasia craft is closer to Dose of colour berry me2,but slightly different in texture and I think craft is thicker..DOC berry me is darker than both of them..I hope this helps..


Hello beauty lovers,Happy new week.Its all about colour correcting today..image

Recently my face moved from being flawless and spotless to where pimples and sunburn reside. lol.. Like its was so serious that I couldn’t leave the house without foundation and concealer on.. Now I have dark spots, sunburn, discolouration, dark circles around my eyes and so on.. When it all started I just left my face thinking they will go away without any treatment and all,several months passed and it was still the same, no one told me to get my ass up and seek help cause it was getting out of control. It has actually reduced now with the help of some skincare treatment which I will discuss another day not today. But I still have the dark spots and sunburn cause they don’t just disappear, it takes time..

This brings me to how I recently discovered color correction..For a while now have been watching youtube videos and researching on the internet about colour correcting …

First what is Colour Correcting? Its is when two colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel are layered, they neutralize, or cancel one another out with the help of colour correcting concealers.  Colour correcting concealers are designed to hide skin imperfections like redness, sallowness,under eye circles and general discolouration. They’re particularly good for anyone with mild to extreme skin discoloration issues. Most slight skin discoloration issues can be managed by your foundation and concealer, but if you want you face to look even and flawless, a colour correcting concealer under your foundation and concealer will do the trick.

The first thing about correcting is knowing the right shades to address the area of concern..concealer comes in different colours like green,pink, yellow, lavender,orange etc. Each shade has a specific issue they are best suited to conceal…

Green:   This is great for cancealing out really red areas, like when you have a pimple,broken blood vessels, and even for people who get red rings around the eyes..    

Pink:   This can even out fair skin that’s ruddy, and will cancel out purple under eye circles on fair skin..

Yellow:    This works on olive or tan skin and cancels out those purple and blue under eye circles and dark patches..

Orange:    Under eye circles, dark spots caused by aging or sun damage, and brightens deeper skin tones.Orange is great for covering up blue bruises, lighter shades of orange, like peach, are better for covering a more mild case of the blues…

Next is finding the right formulation. When picking a corrector, colour alone is not enough. The depth of the chosen shade is also key. And always use sheer concealer when you’re layering over a corrector because you don’t want the end product to look too thick, especially around your eyes… So far I only own two colour correctors.IMG_2061image

Mac Conceal and Correct Palette medium deep. I tried using the yellow once and it just made the dark circles more obvious. So orange is best for dark skin.. This one is really nice and covers the dark area effectively.IMG_2068 image

Mac Prep+Prime in Peach lustre –  Just started using this mac prep and prime and so far not bad.. For now can’t say which is best cause i still want to try out different brands to see which works best for me.

lastly the reason this is a topic is because most people don’t know about colour correcting. Just very few makeup artist know about it and use it.. If your like me that love to experiment, then this is something you should try.. Have a nice day beauty lover,by GODS grace we shall achieve all we set out for this week and more.AMEN..Don’t forget to leave you comment below..xoxo..